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CSPV develops trusted relationships with key stakeholder groups that are characterised by mutual respect, inclusivity and collaborative partnerships. The CSPV views one of their significant roles in education is in developing strong and positive relationships with stakeholders who represent and provide opportunities for collaboration, connection and growth in Catholic education.Key stakeholders are carefully considered to reflect the values and goals of the CSPV, to enable our Council members to grow in their knowledge and advocate for the various key areas of focus for parents in Catholic education. The CSPV consider their main stakeholders to be parents of children in Catholic schools across Victoria. We believe this integral group of people who are the most important influence in the lives of children have many qualities and opportunities to contribute to Catholic school communities and to be positive advocates for the improvement of academic as well as social and emotional learning outcomes for children through parent engagement. It is our belief that to achieve engagement of parents in Catholic education, relationships are at the centre of this mission. Relationships in schools are critical to the successful outcomes of children and the relationship between school authorities and parents is essential to the success of Catholic schools in Victoria. CSPV continues to focus energy and resources in developing strong connections with parents in school communities, supporting then in their role as the first educators of children and encouraging then to develop partnerships with schools to improve learning outcomes for their children.
  • Parents Members & Representatives

    Catholic School Parents Victoria endeavours to develop connections with parents as our main stakeholders through various mediums to ensure parent perspective and priorities are represented at a diocesan, state and national level.

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  • CECV

    CECV is the representative body for Catholic schools across all four diocese in Victoria; Ballarat, Melbourne, Sandhurst and Sale. CSPV develops relationships with the CECV through regular communication and collaboration on various issues in education.

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  • Government

    The Victorian Government is responsible for legislation related to education and funding for schools in Victoria. The Department of Education and Training oversees the development of the Victorian Curriculum through Independent Governing authority VCAA.

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  • Governing Authorities

    Governing Authorities are organisations that oversee the legal, ethical and governance structures in education. CSPV meet with governing authorities each year to build awareness of these structures and to contribute to strategic planning, improvement of education services and development of policies.

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  • School Leaders

    School Leaders are the enablers of change and quality education in our Catholic schools. CSPV endeavour to build positive relationships with school leaders to build trust to enable improved engagement and relationships with parents.

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  • Parent Bodies

    There are various parent organisations in schools and representing parents across all sectors in education in Victoria. CSPV develops positive relationships with parent councils from the independent and government sector and regularly attends meetings with these parent organisations.

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