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Education Policies

There are many policies in place to guide schools in providing quality education and safe environments for children to learn. Policies are set by Government and governing bodies as well as school systems and schools. Click here for links to policies relevant to Catholic education.

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Parent Leadership in Catholic Communities

School funding is a key advocacy area for CSPV as funding from federal and state governments is critical to the ongoing affordability of a Catholic education for children in Victorian schools. CSPV provide information to schools for parents to keep them informed of developments around school funding policy and the impact on Catholic education.

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Resources For Parent Engagement In Catholic Community

CSPV encourage parents to explore what it means to be a family attending a Catholic school. As a family enrolled in a Catholic school you have the opportunity to be involved in the Catholic formation of your child in your learning community. CSPV provide information and resources on what it means to be a family welcomed into a Catholic school.

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Resources For Parent Engagement In Curriculum

At the core of learning is the curriculum and how it is translated to quality teaching and learning experiences for our children. The following links and resources will assist you in understanding how the curriculum is implemented in Catholic schools.

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