Resources For Parent Engagement In Wellbeing

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Parent engagement is one of several elements identified through research that provide schools with the capacity to improve student learning outcomes. 

All parents have the capacity to engage with their children’s wellbeing, from a simple check in conversation about how they are feeling, active listening to understanding their concerns, encouraging them to try various strategies and working alongside teachers in identifying specific areas of support.

Support for parents to engage in their children’s wellbeing is a key element of the work of CSPV. As children’s first educators, parents are encouraged to work alongside teachers to guide and support their children’s wellbeing by engaging in what they are learning at school in the area of wellbeing. Taking an interest in the strategies they are being taught at school means children are receiving consistent messages and learning between home and school. 

CSPV promote and support parent capacity to engage in children’s wellbeing by sharing information and resources to support your children’s wellbeing through their formal education.