Who is CSPV?

About CSPV

Catholic School Parents Victoria (CSPV) supports parents and families to stay connected throughout a child’s school journey.  We advocate for parent engagement at all levels of Catholic education, helping to bring the voices of parents to the decision makers, and complete the circle of support for students.

We believe that as the first educators in a child’s life, parents offer a unique understanding and insight into each child’s abilities, strengths and challenges.  Over the years, as children move through primary and secondary school, parents may feel they should step aside and let the next wave of educators take the reins.  However, evidence shows that children whose parents stay connected throughout the primary and secondary school years and engage in that learning journey, enjoy greater wellbeing and success. Our mission is to support you on that journey.

Supporting parents

Parent engagement can look and feel different for every family, so we support parents in a variety of ways to:

  • stay informed about relevant issues
  • have a say on important issues
  • lead effective parent engagement in schools

Each year we gather data through online surveys, host webinars, meetings and events with guest speakers on current topics and work with our team of CSPV parent member delegates and a CSPV parent representative in each school across Victoria to build greater connection and engagement between the parent community in schools, the Catholic education system and Victorian government.

Whilst we don’t provide individual support to parents or intervene in individual situations, we do invite parents to join our events, webinars, meetings and database, share their feedback, receive information and complete our surveys.

We then take the information we receive and share through our various channels and, at a Catholic system and state level, advocate for parent voice to be considered in decision making and planning in and to benefit students in Catholic education.  We continue to build strong relationships with leaders in Catholic education and across other government agencies so that we remain up to date with what is current and what the future holds in education for children enrolled in Catholic schools.

CSPV is a valuable resource that schools can draw upon to build parent engagement knowledge and strategies for their school community.  We share an understanding of the system, provide first-hand insight into families and current concerns and we are equally committed to the Catholic ethos and values of families in the fundamental right to choose an authentic Catholic education for their children.

Ultimately, we know, and five decades of research clearly states, that when schools and families work together in partnership, guided by the Catholic ethos, children thrive, schools improve and Catholic communities’ flourish.

Parent Advocacy Council

Catholic School Parents Victoria is a parent representative and advocacy council governed by a team of volunteer parent member delegates from each of the four Catholic Diocese in Victoria:

The Purpose of CSPV

The purpose of CSPV is to:

  • provide a forum to represent parent perspective from parents of children currently attending Victorian Catholic schools.
  • promote parents as partners in education with the school, the Church and the community
  • promote the principles of Catholic education in collaboration with the diocesan bishops and directors.
  • promote Catholic schools as a first choice for Victorian families.

Our role in National Advocacy

CSPV is a founding member of the national peak body, Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) and plays a critical role in ensuring that any national advocacy is informed by and inclusive of the voices of Victorian Catholic school parents.

CSPV is guided by a Constitution and Strategic Plan, developed to provide a road map for the next five years as the council works alongside parents, the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, the Catholic Education Boards in each Diocese and their Bishops, school principals, governing bodies and the Victorian government, on a journey towards the realisation of organisational aspirations and goals.

How to Join or Contribute

Join us and together we can partner with schools to strengthen the circle of support for all children in Catholic education.