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Welcome To Catholic School Parents Victoria

Catholic School Parents Victoria (CSPV) has a critical role to play in the Victorian Catholic education landscape, representing parents of children in Victorian Catholic schools and maintaining close relationships with key stakeholders including the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria LTD (CECV) and the four Victorian Catholic Education Offices.

The inaugural meeting of the CSPV Council was held on 24 October 2005 and the council held its first meeting in 2007. CSPV is governed by a Council of current Catholic school parent representatives from each Diocese and a CECV representative and is guided by a Constitution.

The term parent is used to include natural, adoptive or foster parents, guardians and caregivers of students.

Each volunteer council member delegate is a current parent with children attending Catholic schools. The council comprises an Executive (Chair and two Deputy Chairpersons) an Executive Officer, CECV representative and council members from each diocese across Victoria.

CSPV council meetings occur four times a year with an AGM in November each year. Executive meetings are held prior to each council meeting.

If you are a current parent or carer of children attending Catholic school in Victoria and you have experience on a school board, council, parents and friends or other parent group endorsed by the Principal, you are welcome to express an interest in joining the CSPV as a volunteer council member. Click here for more information on how to join.

Our Vision

The new CSPV vision is for:

Parents* of children throughout Victorian Catholic education, engaged as valued partners in supporting children's learning, providing leadership and shared decision making alongside educators.

*Parent includes natural, adopted or foster parents, guardians or care givers of young people attending Catholic Schools.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision the new CSPV mission is to:

Empower parent perspective and leadership in Catholic education through partnerships, communication and advocacy.

Guiding Beliefs

The CSPV Council believe in and are committed to the Gospel values of respect, honesty, justice, compassion, mercy, hospitality and community. These underpin our operations, relationships and communication strategies.

CSPV believe:
Parents are the first and primary educators of their children
When schools and families work together in partnership guided by the Catholic ethos, children benefit, schools improve and communities flourish
Every parent has the right to choose a quality Catholic education for their child regardless of their background and to not be disadvantaged by that choice
Every parent has the right to be informed about and inform policy decisions that relate to the education of their child support or community groups

CSPV advocate on behalf of parents of children in Catholic schools, issues in education in the areas of Child Safety and Wellbeing, Curriculum, Parent Engagement, Catholic Identity, School Funding.

To learn more about our advocacy campaigns, click here.