Morgan Murphy has recently completed two years as Chair of CSPV and has now been nominated as Deputy Chair. Morgan has been a council member since 2014.


Morgan represents parents in the diocese of Sandhurst and brings to the role, a strong knowledge and experience of working within the Sandhurst diocese as a previous representative of the parent council Sandhurst Schools Education Board (SSEB).


He has also previously sat on primary school advisory councils and is a current member of the Sandhurst Catholic Education Council (SCEC) .


Morgan’s experience working as a genetic nurse provides extensive experience in working an ever-changing environment, particularly one that relies on Government policy and funding.


Morgan travelled to New Mexico in 2017 to experience the education and political landscape of the US and how parents are being supported in education through the most challenging times, especially for new immigrants to the country.


The experiences Morgan has had on the study tour will benefit the CSPV greatly in broadening our own awareness of supporting parents of children in education, especially those who are new to the country and have challenges in understanding Australian culture and language.


Morgan has three sons, two of whom completed VCE in 2016 and 2017. Morgan has a younger son currently studying at Catholic secondary school in the diocese of Sandhurst.