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Schools are important environments for children to learn, however we know that learning also takes place outside of school. CSPV understand that schools have many responsibilities when it comes to educating children. We also know that their mission goes beyond just an academic education. CSPV endeavour to provide resources for schools based on our five key areas of advocacy to ensure they are kept up to date with parent perspectives and to assist schools in developing positive learning environments and opportunities for children and their families.
CSPV have sourced useful and relevant information for schools and have provided easy links to external sources for use by school Principals, leaders and teachers.
Resources for schools:
  • Primary

    CSPV aims to encourage families to work in partnership with their child's primary school by developing positive relationships, good communication, being involved in community and engaging in their child's primary school journey.

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  • Secondary

    CSPV aims to encourage families to work in partnership with their child's secondary school by developing positive relationships, good communication, being engaged and supportive of their child's secondary school journey.

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  • Parent Engagement Resources

    Over 40 years of research has shown that parent engagement is essential to improving the learning and opportunities for children. CSPV provides resources aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of parent engagement for schools and to provide further opportunities to engage parents in learning.

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  • Pre-service teachers

    CSPV believe that parent engagement in education can thrive if pre-service teachers are introduced to working in partnership with parents during their training. The relationships between teachers and parents is essential for engagement and supporting children's learning.

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  • Volunteers

    Catholic school communities are built on positive relationships. There are many parents, grandparents, carers and other community members who regularly volunteer in Catholic schools. Being a volunteer is essential for building positive school community and engaging families in developing the culture within your school.

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  • School or Parish Boards

    School boards provide the opportunity for collaboration within a school environment between members of the school community to actively support Catholic education and the school’s Catholic ethos, assisting in realising the school’s vision and educational aims.

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