Rachel Saliba

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Rachel Saliba | Executive Officer

Rachel began her role as Executive Officer for the CSPV during May of 2016 after having been a council member since 2014.

As a CSPV council member, Rachel previously represented parents in the northern region of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Rachel brings to the role of Executive Officer, a strong knowledge and experience working in education as a consultant.

Rachel has three school-aged children who currently attend Catholic primary and secondary schools in northern Melbourne.

Rachel is an experienced business owner, establishing her first business in 2001, a graphic design studio. Her work involved collaborating with a broad range of clients across business, health, architecture, finance and education to develop their brand and marketing.

Rachel has also previously been a lecturer at Victoria University and Australian Catholic University for advertising, public relations and pre-service teaching students.

She now runs her own consultancy in education, assisting schools to develop their school culture and identity and to work closely with staff and parents to improve parent engagement and student learning opportunities.

Rachel is an author of a book for parents and teachers title, ‘Staying Connected – guiding and supporting children on their learning journey’. Rachel is engaged by various organisations as a speaker and consultant and as an entrepreneur with a creative and business background is an asset for the CSPV in bringing to the role of Executive Officer, an extensive knowledge and experience in parent advocacy and leadership in education.