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Parish Education Board Resources

CEM Parish Education Board Guidelines

CEM Parish Education Board Constitution Template

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Regional and Diocesan Board Resources

Regional and Diocesan colleges come under the jurisdiction of a canonical administrator:

Regional and Diocesan Board Guidelines

Regional and Diocesan Board Constitution Template


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Guide for Canonical Administrators

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School Boards

Directors at Work – A practical guide for boards

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The majority of Catholic schools in Victoria, whether primary or secondary, have established school boards (or an equivalent body).

In parish primary schools, the board may be referred to as a Parish Education Board.

Although the specific functions of boards vary from one school type to another, the key role of all school boards is to actively support Catholic education through participation and collaboration at the school level.

Boards bring together priests, members of religious congregations, principals and parents in a spirit of collaboration to support the school’s Catholic ethos and assist in realising the school’s vision and educational aims.

Board participation is critical for the welfare of a school and achievement of its aims. The establishment and presence of school boards provides assurance of good governance and reflects the consultative nature of Catholic education.

Catholic Education Melbourne assists schools by providing services which include:

  • provision of print and online material
  • assistance with the formation of new boards
  • professional development for new Chairs of Boards
  • formation activities for board members
  • advice and support to principals, parish priests and canonical administrators in relation to the role of the board in their particular setting
  • advice and support to newly appointed principals in relation to the role of the board in their particular setting
  • support for network and cluster activities

The purpose of this consultancy service is to support principals, parish priests and canonical administrators, in their responsibilities related to strengthening the parish-school community. The service provides them with resources and advice in working with existing boards and in establishing new boards.

The specific formation requirements of individual boards are the responsibility of the relevant principal, parish priest and canonical administrators as leaders of the parish-school community.

For more information on School Boards, please contact 9267 0228 or email