Parent Engagement Resources for Parents

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Parent leadership in education has been around for many decades in the form of parent councils and Parents and Friends associations, encouraging parent leadership in a volunteer and advisory role. These parent groups have been successful in building the capacity for schools to improve their facilities and in developing the overall school appeal for current and future families.

As we enter a new era in education, what is emerging as a most critical role for parents in education is their ability and capacity to be leaders who demonstrate positive advocacy in Catholic education, who support and guide their children on their learning path and who support other parents in developing positive learning communities alongside school staff for children to thrive.

Parent engagement is one of several elements identified through research that provide schools with the capacity to improve student learning outcomes. CSPV provides a platform and forum for parent leadership and opportunity to support parents in understanding their role in education and how they contribute to successful learning outcomes for children.

All parents have the capacity to engage with their children's learning, from a simple conversation about their learning, to understanding and sharing their goals, encouraging them to reach their potential and working with the teacher in specific areas of support.

CSPV encourages all parents to partner with their child's teacher in sharing their knowledge and understanding of their child and exploring their strengths together to support the child as they journey through school.