Parent Engagement Resources

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CSPV advocates for parent engagement in all Catholic schools by providing resources and forums for school leaders, teachers and parents to engage with international speakers and experts in how to engage with children on their learning journey.

In 2017, CSPV hosted a full day workshop with Dr Debbie Pushor titled, 'Walking together towards authentic partnership.'

The event was an opportunity for teams of school leaders, teachers and parents to come together and learn how parent knowledge can impact relationships in schools and enhance a teachers' understanding of a child in order to teach them more effectively.

We heard from two schools who have implemented many strategies for engaging parents in their community from a broad and diverse range of backgrounds and how these relationships have contributed to a sense of belonging for families and impactful teaching.

CSPV facilitated a visit from Dr Debbie Pushor once again in 2018 where she presented at ten events across Victoria to share her experiences and research on the impact of parent knowledge for improving learning outcomes for children.

Whilst professional learning opportunities have been provided to school leaders, CSPV sees a unique opportunity to further improve engagement in schools by promoting parent leadership and understanding of the parent role in engaging with teachers and school leaders to improve learning outcomes for their children.

The following resources are designed to enhance the knowledge of educators and we hope to provide further opportunities in the future for school communities to learn from each other, the importance of engaging with families in Catholic learning communities.