Child Safety and Wellbeing Resources

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Child safety and wellbeing is perhaps the most important advocacy area for CSPV and indeed for most parents of children in Catholic schools.

CSPV, in our advocacy capacity, seeks to ensure that the Catholic schools that children attend throughout each diocese in Victoria are providing a safe and secure environment for children to learn.

Our key priorities are to ensure we remain up to date with the Child Safe Standards, particularly around mandatory reporting and understanding the Reportable Conduct legislation and how this impacts parents in Catholic learning communities.

Our role is in assisting with communication of the Child Safe Standards with parents and to provide information that is both relevant and easy to understand across a broad spectrum of family backgrounds that exist in Catholic schools in Victoria.

In moving beyond compliance, Catholic school parents must also have an understanding of what it means to develop a culture of child safety that can only be achieved in partnership with the whole school community. CSPV play a major role in consulting and collaborating with relevant education and governing authorities in achieving this for Catholic school parents.

Our key priorities for child safety and wellbeing are:

• Provision of education in Social and Emotional learning curriculum in Catholic schools

• Prevention of bullying in schools and online

• Implementation of the Child Safe Standards and Reportable Conduct Scheme

• Wellbeing programs and providing parents with resources and understanding of social and emotional learning and what makes Catholic schools unique when it comes to equipping children with these essential skills

• Safe and supportive learning communities for all students.

Should you have any concerns about the safety of your child at school it is appropriate to first make an appointment with your school Principal.

Should you need to escalate your concerns, please contact the regional office in your area or the Catholic Education Office in your diocese.

To report your concern to Catholic Education complete the online referral form by clicking here.