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Catholic School Parents Victoria develop positive relationships with the Catholic Education Office in Ballarat. CEO Ballarat covers a broad area of Victoria, encompassing 64 primary and secondary schools.

The Catholic Education Office of Ballarat is an advisory body, providing support and resources for parish and diocesan schools in promoting and enhancing Catholic identity, maximising staff and leaders in Catholic education through professional learning, and ensuring effective governance of all schools across the diocese.

The office, situated in Ballarat provides support for schools in the areas of:

• Catholic Identity
• Student Learning across the curriculum
• Student Wellbeing
• Child Safety
• Family, School and Community Partnerships
• Media and Public Relations
• Principal and Deputy Principal support and professional development
• Professional Learning for teachers
• Industrial Relations and professional conduct
• Legal support
• Building and Capital works
• IT and technical support

The role of CEO Ballarat in supporting and guiding schools is essential to providing a consistent approach to Catholic education in schools across the Ballarat Diocese.

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