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2021 Events

CSPV Connect Webinar Series:

Parent Engagement in Wellbeing - Managing Children's Anxiety - support and strategies for parents

24th April 2021

CSPV provides this rare opportunity for you to learn from Dr Jodi Richardson, leading specialist in children's anxiety as seen on Sunrise, The Morning Show and many more. (

This free 90 minute Webinar will provide you with strategies to know how to respond, how you can help and when to seek professional support.

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Past Events -

Connect Webinar Series 2020

CSPV Connect Webinar 1:
2020 Lightbulb Moments; CSPV Remote Learning Webinar

This webinar presented by CSPV Executive Officer Rachel Saliba and CSPV Deputy Chair, Jodie McLeod sharing research conducted during the pandemic to understand how families managed and what they would like to see continue in schools as a result of their experiences.

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CSPV Connect Webinar 2:
2020 The power of parent engagement for student learning and wellbeing- Anne T Henderson

This webinar was facilitated by Rachel Saliba (CSPV Executive Officer) and presented by renowned researcher of parent engagement in learning, Anne T Henderson who explored the meaning of parent engagement and how it impacts student learning and wellbeing.

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2020 CSPV Parent Knowledge Webinar - Dr Debbie Pushor

This webinar was facilitated by Rachel Saliba (CSPV Executive Officer) and presented by renowned researcher of parent knowledge for engagement in learning, Dr Debbie Pushor, who explored the impact of teachers enabling the sharing of knowledge families have of their children to enhance and support children's learning.

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Catholic Secondary Schools Showcase Day - August 2019

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One of the purposes of CSPV is to promote Catholic education as a first choice for parents.
The Innovating for the Future Showcase provides families with the opportunity to see STEAM in action with over 30 Catholic Secondary Schools across the State showcasing their talented students and their work.

If you are wondering what STEAM is all about and how it is helping to prepare students for their future, this is Expo provides all these opportunities through the various events throughout the day including:

• SnapperTank Competition - students from Year 5 in Catholic Primary Schools will pitch their innovative ideas to judges to go in the draw for $10,000 worth of prizes for their school.

• Q&A Session with various prominent people in education will be a fun and interactive discussion about the future of education

• Sponsor displays will be available for families and schools to visit during the day

• Over 30 Catholic Secondary Schools will showcase their STEAM projects and will have staff, students and parents available to answer any questions you might have about schools and enrolments throughout the day.

CSPV Meetings 2020

CSPV Executive Meetings 2020

CSPV Executive Meeting 3: Monday 10th August 2020
CSPV Executive Meeting 4:Monday 28th October 2020

CSPV Council Meetings 2020

CSPV Council Meeting 3: Saturday 22nd August 2020
CSPV Council Meeting 4: Saturday 21st November 2020

Stakeholder Meetings 2020

Catholic School Parents Australia

Saturday 29th August 2020

Principals Association of Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools 

Friday 21st August 2020

Victorian Institute of Teaching

Term 3 - To be confirmed

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Term 3 - To be confirmed