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Catholic School Parents Victoria’s influence as an organisation ensures that policy and decision making impacting Catholic schools are informed by a credible and collective parent voice.

Through a strategic process, CSPV operates under two key pillars of advocacy:

Parent Engagement in:

  • Child Safety
  • Wellbeing
  • Curriculum
  • Catholic Community

Parent Leadership in:

  • Parent Engagement
  • Catholic Diocese and Catholic Schools
  • State Education Issues
  • National Education Issues

Parent Engagement in Child Safety

Each of these key areas of advocacy represents current challenges in education for government, Catholic education, Catholic schools and Catholic school parents. The role of CSPV in advocating for each of these key areas involves collaboration and co-operation in developing and designing solutions as well as creating awareness of alternatives or improvements in education from a parent perspective. Positive advocacy comes in the form of developing relationships, understanding various perspectives, encouraging change, developing submissions, contributing parent perspective to focus groups and committees and presenting valid arguments in public forums in favour of improvements in Catholic education. CSPV is frequently invited to participate in forums and to receive information regarding the impact of various reforms and initiatives on Catholic education. CSPV then disseminates the information for parents through various mediums and engagement activities to ensure parent influence in the Victorian education landscape.