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Catholic School Parents Victoria is made up of a team of current parents of children who attend Catholic schools in Victoria.

The council members are all volunteers who are passionate about education and advocating for issues that impact parents and children.
Each member has been through a process of applying to become a CSPV Council member and has then been inducted as a member for a tenure of 2 years. After 2 years, the member may reapply for another 2 years, and once again with a maximum tenure of 6 years.
The application process is monitored and approved by members of the CSPV Executive Team - the Chair and two Deputy Chairpersons. Any reapplications are considered by the Executive based on a set criteria of contribution to the council during a member's tenure.

Opportunity to be nominated as a CSPV Parent Representative

An alternative to being a committed CSPV Member Delegate is to be nominated as a Parent Representative for your Catholic school. Your principal will have received an invitation to nominate a parent for this specific role. The role involves being a liaising officer with CSPV, access to the private CSPV Parent Representatives Facebook Group that provides updates on webinars and events of interest to support parents as well as notifications of opportunities for parent leadership, to join certain steering committees and provide feedback on various topics of relevance to parents in Catholic education.

As a parent representative you are not a member delegate and don't have any voting rights. You also don't have to attend the CSPV meetings although on occasions you may be invited to attend.

For a full description of the Parent Representative role click here to download. 

For further information about becoming a parent representative, contact our Executive Officer at executive@cspv.catholic.edu.au.